Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Z 2 A / A Collage ABC

 Ab sofort erhältlich gedruckt und gebuden oder digital : Benzene Editions / Brooklyn, USA

Curated and designed by Allan Bealy, this ABC brings together 26 artists from the world over all working in collage: Larry Zdeb, Heike Weber, Sally Wassink. Frank Voight, Ted Tollefson, Matthew Rose, Indiana Rogers, Sethapong Povatong, Scott Neff, Koji Nagal, Rozann Le Gall, Susanna Lakner, Flore Kunst, Ryoichi Katoh, Laura Tringall Holmes, Lance Glover, Fred Free, Jon Foster, Luc Fierens, Manu Duf, Zach Collins, Carolina Chocron, Carl Chew, Joe Castro and Allan Bealy.

 My D is for Dilettante.

Also available at Benzene 25 Warblers

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