Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018

Schnitt für Schnitt

Wieder ein kleiner Artikel über unserer Ausstellung mit Elena Schmidt in dem Sonderheft "Wir in Vaihingen" (Beilage in der heutigen Stuttgarter Zeitung). Am Sonntag finissage!


Montag, 22. Oktober 2018


Schnitt für Schnitt: Susanna Lakner & Elena Schmidt

at Kultur am Kelterberg Vaihingen e.V. in Stuttgart, Germany
6-28 October 2018

Closing reception: Sunday, 28 October, 3PM
Susanna Lakner presents collages and art boxes and Elena Schmidt presents collages and paintings.
Susanna Lakner was born in Budapest and has lived in Stuttgart since 1989. She is a collagiste, who makes assemblages and artist books. Through her many years of activity in the international mail art community, she has become well connected with other artists, from Australia to Japan to Canada, and she regularly collaborates with them on art works and projects. Find out more at her Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page HERE.
After studying and working professionally as a crafter, Elena Schmidt completed a course of study in painting at the Free Art School of Stuttgart. These studies included visits to the European Academy in Trier and intensive study with numerous artists there. Since 2001, she has been working as a freelance visual artist in Hildrizhausen.
In 2004, she discovered her material: used tea filters and tea bags. Tea has health and healing properties, it warms and refreshes the drinker, and cares for the well being of body and soul. Drinking tea is an enjoyable way to socialize. Tea pigments are purely organic. They change and fade over time. In Schmidt’s portraits, the tea filter overlay creates a kind of protective skin that gives the portrait both an identity and a uniqueness, as well as lending a sense of alteration and transience. All humans need protection, warmth, and sense of security, now more than ever in this time of ever increasing isolation, loneliness and individualization in our society. We need more togetherness and communication.
Schmidt has shown her work regularly in solo and group shows and art fairs since 1996. Her work is in numerous private and public collections.